About Us

About us

If your baby has a delicate bottom, if you don’t like the idea of chemicals on your little one or even if you just need to transition between cleaning methods, ChéBébé offers a genius solution with our Change-in-Pod multi-functional changing pad.

The idea for the patent-pending Change-in-Pod was born out of necessity. Our founder Unika Alexander’s newborn son cried out in pain every time he had a diaper change. Unika, earned her master’s degree while working full-time and rising to leadership at a large tissue bank. Her background in science led her to use the scientific method to eliminate one thing at a time to find out what was causing her son’s severe diaper rash. She concluded it was the chemicals in his baby wipes! Washcloths and water provided the only relief, but they were messy. Unika knew she needed a better solution. As a woman who has risen to numerous challenges, she set out to fix the problem.

The Change-in-Pod allows parents to use a washcloth and water/solutions to delicately clean their baby’s bum without the mess associated with using liquids on a flat changing pad.

Our mission is to make parents lives easier by providing convenient useful solutions for taking care of a healthy generation of babies.