The Change-in-Pod™ is here and we thank EVERYONE.

The Change-in-Pod™ is here and we thank EVERYONE.

Being on the brink of our product launch I often get asked, “ how did you get here?”  Short answer; I took it one day at a time and opened my mind up to the help the universe handed me.


It seemed like we were always being guided to the next step. None of this guidance negated research and making informed decisions but at the end of the day, we more often than not went with the universes initial choice.

Here is what I mean by the universe making choices; as I’ve crawled through the steps of building a business, brand, and product I have been fortunate enough to meet incredible people who have literally given me credible and insightful referrals to the next step of the process.  

From concept design to engineering, regulations to product testing, branding to marketing, manufacturing to fulfillment, we couldn’t do it alone.

ChéBébé is ready to take on the future because of  ALL the amazing professionals who’ve helped and inspired us to bring our company and the Change-in-Pod™ to fruition, we thank you!!

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