Aha Moment

Aha Moment

Aha Moment

For about three months I used my “ingenious” plastic container, washcloths and water to clean my son.  It kept his diaper rashes at bay and I even got the rest of the family to understand why water was best for his skin.

Then came the part where I had to go back to work and continuously washing reusable washcloths was not practical so the whole process morphed into using disposable dry washcloths, instead of reusable ones.

Using disposable washcloths made the process so much easier but I was still fiddling with a plastic container that really didn’t have a home and needed to be very clearly identified, god forbid someone use it for some other food-related purpose.

“There must be a better solution for cleaning my child with water;” were my thoughts. There is no way an entire industry has ignored the needs of parents who sometimes just need water instead of wipes.

I set out to find a solution with a wide open budget but to my surprise, there was absolutely nothing I could purchase to make my life a little easier and keep my son a little happier.

That’s when I had the Aha moment, if no solution exists, then damnit……I’ll create one.

First I needed to know if there was actually a need for a solution.

The first thing I did was scour the internet for complaints, reviews, blog post, videos, DIY solutions. I can’t say I was super surprised, for one reason or another, parents had the need to use water. 

Some cleansed with water for the same reason I did ….diaper rash.

Some were discouraged by the countless chemicals is wipes and refused to apply these chemicals 6-10 x a day.  Keeping in mind that regardless of how small the percentage of chemical is in wipes, it goes unrinsed and let's face it, chemicals accumulate.

Some just needed a more thorough clean after their baby had pooped, in lieu of a bath.

My mind was made up, I was going to make this solution happen……but how?

                                                                                                                                   Circa:  Dec 2016

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